When the waters get rough…

When the waters get rough…

Look to those who are anchors in your life. Anchors are the perfect metaphor for HOPE. Figuratively they symbolize strength, safety and security. These special people keep us from drifting off course. They provide an enduring, invincible bond of love.

In nautical terms an anchor is a tool used to fasten a vessel to the bottom of the sea or river to resist movement. It would not be safe to voyage out on the water without one. An anchor keeps us safe in unpredictable winds and weather. They are designed to handle troublesome and harsh elements. Never downplay the importance of an anchor.

I love being on the water because it stops time. I can focus on the present moment, giving a temporary pause from other commitments. But the waters of life can get rough. 

My heart is broken this new year. We lost a beloved man (a loving husband, father, grandfather, a devoted teacher, coach and friend). We each have roles to play in the narrative of life. Our own character is enhanced by those who support us. There are those who lift you up — they might put wind in your sails or help push you away from the dock into uncharted waters. They might also provide emotional stability and steadfastness in times of distress and chaos.

A good anchor is solid and dependable.

When I am ready I will raise the anchor and set sail for new adventures. My desire will be the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and calm waters.

HOPE — anchors the soul. 
Hebrews 6:19

Be Well!

❤️ P.S. I love you Hop!
And what would I do without you Walt!

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