The Possibility of Hope

The Possibility of Hope

I always entertain great hopes. — Robert Frost

The aspiration of a new year is like having a clean slate, a fresh start, a blank page.

Many people are eager to close the chapter of 2020. It’s true, it was filled with so much worry, anxiety, and grief. Humankind has exhibited much fortitude despite the constant turbulence of the year. 

2021 welcomes us to “begin again”. I guess I’m ready. I tend to dig my heels in when the seasons change. I get a little moody, irritated and melancholy when the fun of summer ends or when the warmth of fall fades to cold winter days and nights. Naturally there is a let down after the anticipation, excitement and joy of planning a trip, working towards a monumental goal, or even the preparations needed to celebrate the holidays. Perhaps it is me holding on to the here and now.

Live for today. Expectation, contemplation and creation of plan is as much about the success of reaching your destination as actually getting there. 

Yet anyone that knows me, might say I’m an eternal optimist. I try to encourage others to always look at the bright side. That feeling of optimism. The belief that something can or will happen is a state of mind. The origin of the word “genesis” is simply put as the “formation of something”.

Can our hearts and minds toggle between the present moment of hopefulness (a condition or state of happiness, cheerfulness…) and manifesting hope (something desired) for the future? Pause and reflect; savor and appreciate.

Each season has its own personality, sparkle, color palette, fabric and texture. I am fortunate to be an artist. I want to see and interpret the world in a positive light. The sun will rise and set, the moon will wax and wane, the tide will rise and fall… 

My new year's wish is that you will never lose sight of the horizon and that you will see the world with a ray of hope. 

Peace be with you.

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