Unchartered Time

Unchartered Time

Finding time to recharge and focus takes commitment. Drafting this blog post began in September, at the time I was seeking a chance to travel and reset. When an unexpected opportunity to put my toes in the sand presented itself I knew it was a chance for realignment. Rich coffee, long walks, and no agenda…I needed some wide open space. But we all know we can’t leave bills, calendars, and schedules entirely.

Winters's arrival is like venturing into my own little private island. There seems to be extra time to read, paint, walk, stretch and reconnect with my creative spirit. This private island is a place to think, and to play – a time and place without obligations. I’m acutely aware that part of my brain is foggy and blocked; I need time to respond to my intuition. My studio or outside walking are the places I can listen to podcasts, and music or enjoy the silence.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to close the door? To have large gaps of time to explore the inner reaches of one’s own mind? A few months ago I was distracted by everybody else’s needs. Thankfully I have a very supportive network of family and friends. Metaphorically I felt like a sea wall, strong and capable, but I was tired from the storms of life. What all this really meant was I was disconnected from myself; I was being something like a whirling dervish. 

When it is summer in Virginia there is the desire to escape the suppressing heat, the layer of humidity. Fall can be a great time to clear the cobwebs and savor the change of flavors and seasons. Spring is that time to get excited about warmer days and longer nights but as winter settles in I’m allowing myself the comfort and warmth of being cozy at home. Is my soul hungry for quiet and rest? I think so, I want the winter sunshine to beam through my windows and time for lengthy conversations in my head and on the page.

It’s not the voice of the inner critic – I don’t invite that person to my island retreat. But I do invite the person who seeks some solitude. Some time to connect with God. The person who feels connected and aligned with Mother Earth. Aren’t we living so we can occasionally be led?? When we explore our intuition we are following our destiny. How can I grow and love more fully and more spiritually?

I want to be that person who hears the direction of the wind. 

“Adjust your sails,” she says. 

I know the holiday season is festive and busy and I love it. But I am deliberately putting blocks of time on the calendar to read and walk. I will make sure the brushes get wet but also make time to let the paint dry. I’ve come a long way artistically but I need to be patient (even though I am not a very patient artist). I will work on not always trying to finish the art in one session. I will work on layering the paint, I will push myself to work a little larger, and continue to build my portfolio. I will put myself (my thoughts and my unique vision of the world) out there – on paper, with my favorite mediums. 

“Then the tempo of life adjusts itself to the tempo of the spirit, and to the development of intellect is added the boundless freedom of the soul.”
– Charles Lindberg

The only way to know we are moving in the right direction is to slow down. Might our invitation to be fully present mean we have a lighter agenda? Life takes enormous patience. Allow yourself “purposeful solitude” –  your body, mind and spirit will thank you! 

I sign off with gratitude this Thanksgiving season. Thank you for following my art and writing journey. Be Well. JJH

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