Let's not waste our summer!

Let's not waste our summer!

Life feels stuck in an endless loop of unknowns. Let’s take it One-Day-at-a-Time.

Is your creative spirit drained?? Days are busy but they are not normal. Heading out into the world takes extra planning, hand sanitizer and Covid mask wearing. Gone are the spontaneous moments to hop in the car and grab an iced coffee or a meal out and about without “social distancing”. Museums, concerts and sporting event venues are shuttered. Where do we go when it’s 90+ degrees outside?????

The “Forces of Nature” are at work. As we navigate this period of our lives — I am reminded to relax and understand that some things we cannot change or alter overnight.

The summer season is usually time for family & friend gatherings, travel (by boat, car, airplane) or pools, parks and recreation. Everybody has plans that are in flux, cancelled or altered. Some jobs are down right scary and exhausting. People around us are furloughed, or seeking employment. We all have friends and family that are compromised or limited in some fashion this summer. We can either be grumpy, frazzled or down right sad about the circumstances or we can take it One-Day-at-a-Time.

The routines that we established back in March might need some adjustment. Boredom…monotony affects our productivity and our creativity. Allow yourself to unplug, change your workout routine, picnic and dine alfresco or maybe read some new material (like philosophy or poetry). Don’t hesitate to do something that makes you smile or laugh out-loud!

If we take things One-Day-at-a-Time you’ll discover some simple pleasures and embrace the unexpected. Be well, stay safe, think positive.

Give yourself a gift: the present moment.” 
— Marcus Aurelius
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