Grow in Faith

Grow in Faith

“Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” - Paul Gauguin

Putting yourself on creative display means seeking ways to express your voice, personality, outlook. The greatest skill of art making is PERSISTENCE, for eventually you’ll be rewarded. 

Finding balance and harmony in the creative process and feeling validated that it is meaningful work means a lot of patience. Especially because we often equate success with financial gain. It’s so easy to get in our own way. Sometimes we hinder ourselves by taking on grandiose plans or overly rigorous schedules which actually keep us from capturing our imaginations and following our intuition. Perhaps starting a “tiny habit” can satisfy or encourage our creative appetites. Do something for 5 minutes or an hour a day, a week, a month…it’s amazing what kind of problem solving or progress you’ll make. 

Can you find ways to stimulate your own artistry? Sharpen your eye to texture, color, design. Should you loosen up? Do something that you don’t give yourself permission to do (take a day trip, deepen your spiritual practice, take a nap...). “Stress Less, Smile More!” We already know an optimistic outlook feeds our creativity. Spend time with people that support your interests. 

Life has interesting detours along the way. It’s important to seek creative renewal. When we set our expectations so high we never unwind or have fun. Listen to what life is telling you — it’s good to be introduced to things you don’t know about. Find a new medium or “way” to express yourself!

Spring reminds us that this is a time of new beginnings. Fresh blossoms and fragrance, the earth is rejuvenated and comes to life again. Give yourself some grace and have a little faith.

“Life is our art form” and that is our ultimate reward.

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