To be present in the world requires incorporating our ​BODY, MIND and SPIRIT into our daily lives. Don't overlook, dismiss or deny an opportunity to be present — be conscious of things you observe. That might require slowing down or pausing more often throughout your day. 

I​ rarely have a plan for posting on social media. I let inspiration guide me… Read on to see how I unknowingly referenced “my” essential elements for a balanced life.

My intention with the chair photograph was to capture the dramatic sunlight and shadows, to nudge you to rest and rejuvenate in silence or contemplation. But my caption says: What does your heart say…? Take a moment to listen…” 

BODY - “heart”

My next posting was truly the desire to catch a fleeting moment. I would not see it 5 minutes later or tomorrow if it was a cloudy day... The juxtaposition of the cracked door and the outlined cross-shadow speaks perfectly with my caption: “Find your guiding light…”. 

SPIRIT - “guiding light”

Our minds seek logic and reason, we want answers and solutions. Let your analytical mind relax. Observe how words can inspire curiosity, possibility and hopefulness within you. Today’s caption says: “I M A G I N E”.

MIND - “imagine”

How might you embody what it means to live a soulful life?


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