Art: a medium of self expression

Art: a medium of self expression

Be an artist with a voice. Does it really mean we need to take a position in the world? Is art validated if it has “a message”, “a stance” or the ability to invoke emotion about a contentious issue?? The answer is certainly yes! Art demonstrates, reveals and gives a platform for issues and ideologies. I am grateful for the artists—the ones willing to put their convictions on display, be it raw, edgy or painful for all the world to see.

BUT!! Art can serve as a medium (a means, a mode, a form) of self-expression that is an arrangement of elements that appeals to the senses, one’s temperament or strictly for aesthetic pleasure.

I have decided to create art with deliberate context; to be uplifting, joyful, and colorful. I am an artist emerging from years of experience (countless graphic design projects, art classes, experimentation with materials…). It’s exciting to feel like my outlook on life is my voice and that’s what I choose to see and pursue in my art.

Pro Tip for You! ENGAGE IN THE ARTS — FIND A WAY TO STRETCH YOUR IMAGINATION, BE INSPIRED and CULTIVATE CREATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE. There are various “mediums” of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, cooking and dance. What might you participate in?


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